A true friend…

In this life full of worries and stress,
Do you have a person who make you forget all of them by his/her presence?

In this life where everyone seems to be your competitor,
Do you have a companion who is always inside your border?

In this life full of people being judgmental about you,
Do you have someone with whom you can be ‘you’?

High speed network is one of the keys for the world to look modern,
But do u have a magical connection which does not need one?

In this life full of misunderstandings, hatred and terror,
Do you have a relation so much pure that nothing could smash it ever ?

Everyone has their party friends whom they mistakenly feel as a treasure,
But do you have a true friend u don’t meet often yet the relation remains the same forever?


Me time…

At times when everything bothers us without any reason,

We all need our me time by locking everyone in a prison,

Not because you hold hatred or are suffering from pain,

But to take notice of everything that’s going on in your brain,

To release all the needless stress that you always take,

And bring an everlasting peace that helps you to recover even from your biggest mistake,

To stop yourself from regretting the wrong decisions you took long before,

And calming the storm inside you by assuring that the past will never affect your future,

To remind yourself about the goal you need to persue,

And once again clarifying that you have to compete with no one else but an old you,

You shouldn’t expect and wait for somebody to do all of these to you,

Because you are your first responsibility which you must value.

The Prime Support

Those parents who say “my girls are equaluivalent to the boys”,

Also start fetching for a guy when their girl turns twenty one,

Without granting her a choice,

And paying no head to her dream and opinion,

How can they just not realize,

That a parent is the only support for every daughter,

And if they too start thinking “what the world would vocalize!!”,

Do you expect her to accept the blessings of being happy ever after?



The answers are yet to be found…

He was the only one accepting three daughters without guilt,

The world told him that he should have a boy too,

But the world never bothered him,

Should they be proud of him??


He was the only one who never had time for them,

He was the one because of whom they felt discouraged,

He is the only reason why they have been introverts for so long,

They could never find the reason behind all this,

But the meaning of real life became known to them at an early age of their lives,

Should they be grateful to him??



Happy women’s day..!!!

Rather than thinking and cursing about women’s issues,

Let us be glad about what we’ll never lose,

Like the strength of enduring whatever comes in our way,

And the power of moulding worthy out of clay,

We become daughters, sisters and mothers…Not for the name sake,

But we help bloom every relation like a cherry on the cake,

Claiming that we are beyond comparison is surely not my goal,

But everyone will admit to it that a mother has the purest soul.

Hello Scribblers…!!!

Hello everyone. I am very excited for my 1st blog..!!!
Hope you all will enjoy and like it. Please do comment!!!

We all know that millions and billions of thoughts pop up in our tiny brain everyday…
But many of them remain unexpressed and unnoticed.
So the time has come that we all express our thoughts in a poetic way….
Let’s not judge and simply relate with each other by our thoughts.

Having the advantage of owning this blog,
I will be selecting a word and we all will scribble our thoughts related to it.